My Cuttings Arrived, Now What?

Congratulations! Your order arrived and we are excited for you! 

First, Get those pretty babies out of the box and into some sunlight (indirect sunlight , please). Chances are they have been bounced around and stored in a dark place, so they are in serious need of some sunshine.  You can leave them until you are ready to plant.

Next, your cuttings are ready to be planted when you receive them. Take a look at the cut area and you will see that the cuttings have a crusted end and that is perfect. 

Now you can find the perfect planter and get to planting.  Your cutting can take 4 to 10 weeks to establish their roots. You can tell that roots have started by gently tugging. If you feel resistance, you beauties are rooting.

We suggest using a well draining soil, planter with drainage and plenty of sunshine. Morning sun or indirect sun is best. 

Once you plant, give them a thorough watering and do not water again until soil is nice and dry. Our rule of thumb is to use your finger and poke it in about and inch or to your first bend line on your finger and feel that the soil is dry and them repeat.

Cuttings are pretty resilient and don't mind being handled kindly.  

Happy Growing!


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