Wait, this doesn't look like the picture?

Good Question!

There are many reasons for the difference but the most important reason is because it is a living plant.  It varies on color, size, weather, stress and its general environment. We will always attempt to send plants that closely mirror our photos but there may be times that we can not. Know that this is not a problem.  If your plant is greener than red (for instance, a campfire Crassula) just put them in sunlight. They will turn the loveliest shade of red in no time and it may be greener because we did not have enough sun on our side of the country, or it might still be in a dormant state depending on what time of the year it is.  Succulents can also change shapes depending on the season, watering, sunlight and temperature.  

Shipping succulents can also effect their appearance but it is nothing a little sunlight can't fix.  Just give your plants time, sun, water and love and you will see them transform before your eyes. 

Watch our video explanation 


in English @ https://youtu.be/BF-jwApKvl8

en Espanola @ https://youtu.be/fJMjm7JZVnw

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