Caring for String Of Hearts, Ceropegia Woodii, Rosary Vine

How to Water

The string of hearts is a semi-succulent plant, which means it is more tolerant of dry soil than wet soil and is prone to rot in wet soil. You should water it sparingly. Allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings. This plant goes dormant in October – February therefore needs less watering. The soil should be lightly moist in spring and summer.

How Much Light?

Keep your string of hearts looking vibrant with morning sun and indirect light once temps start heating up. Large spaces between leaves may indicate the plant is not getting enough light.

Temperature and humidity

This is a plant that enjoys 40-50% humidity and thrives between65 and 76 degrees.

Does it Flower? YES!

The main attraction of this plant is the beautifully-shaped leaves and the gorgeous pattern on its trailing leaves, but it does also flower sweet, small purple flowers in the spring and summer


As your string of hearts grows, you might notice little bead-like nodules on the vines. If these nodules touch the soil, the nodule will send down roots into the soil and another new plant will form. So you can drape the nodules over the surface of the pot, or cut the vines by the nodules and place the vine with the nodule on the surface of the soil to encourage it to grow another plant.