Echeveria “Dusty Rose” 2″

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Echeveria ‘Dusty Rose’ is a fast-growing succulent that forms rosettes of wide, powdery violet leaves. The powder on the leaves is called ‘farina,’ and affords the plant an iridescent glow and allows it to safely tolerate full sun conditions. The beautiful color of these succulents only gets better the more bright sunlight they receive, and they can begin to feature shades of rose and magenta.

‘Dusty Rose’ likes bright light, and will begin to etiolate, or stretch, in conditions that are too dim. Depending on the intensity of the sun in your region.

Mature plants will reach 3-5 inches tall and up to 8 inches wide, and will send up tall bloom stalks topped with coral, bell shaped flower



Echeveria Dusty Rose 2 ” Potted Plant

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