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What should you do once you receive your cuttings?

When you receive your cuttings, get them into indirect sunlight.  They need the sunlight to get their color and they like to be warm.  Depending on where you are at, we are pretty sure by the time they get to you they are dying for some sun and fresh air.

There is no need to wait for roots to appear before putting cuttings in the soil. By the time you receive them, they will have crusted on the bottom of the cutting. Crusting ensures that when planted in the soil they will not take in too much water (which can lead to root rot). They will grow healthy roots in no time. Plant your cutting in well-draining soil (like a cactus mix) or use potting soil and add perlite, and bark chips to ensure good drainage.  Once you find a pot you love add your soil. Poke some holes and plop those pretty succulents in. Succulents love to be close to one another. So do not be afraid to squeeze them into a pretty arrangement. You can also add pebbles to the bottom of the pot to help keep your cuttings from gathering too much water if your pot does not have drainage holes.  We love to use terracotta pots but you can pretty much plant these beauties in anything.  Get CREATIVE!     

    When first potting, make sure you water the dirt thoroughly.  Avoid watering the cuttings directly.  Now, let the soil dry out. To check,  just stick your finger in the pot about an inch and you will be able to tell if the soil is moist or dry.   Once dry repeat the watering method. Yup, it’s that simple.  Show us your creations on our Instagram or Facebook accounts.