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String of Pearls “Good to knows and How to”

The string of pearls are such a beautiful plants. Below are tips and tricks for these beauties.

How can I tell if my pearls are over watered?

The best way to tell is by the look. If they appear mushy, shriveled, or over plump, they are OVERWATERED. The stems on SoPs are very thin and do not hold much water. Their round leaves hold the majority. If they have too much water they can literally burst.

Can I save my over watered pearls?

Yes! Remove any mushy, shriveled leaves . Remove pearls strings from soil and re-pot in new dry soil. you can lay them directly on top of soil and they will begin to spring root and attach to soil or you can stick one end of the stem into dirt by poking small holes and placing stems in holes.

How can i tell if my pearls are under watered?

By appearance. The leaves will appear shriveled and dried up. Give the plant a good drink of water and it should perk up almost immediately and start looking better. You may need to increase watering if your String of Pearls continue to appear shriveled.

Should I separate strings from soil when re potting?

We do not recommend separating strings. Keep the string in as much of the original soil and plant that into the new soil. Pearl roots are very fragile and should be handled with care.

Check out these videos for videos on Re potting and Watering Pearls.